10 Common Mistakes Gym Owners Make

08, Mar, 16

It takes a special type of person, to open a gym and these people are always fitness oriented. They love to work out, they love fitness, they love training and they love sharing this information with others. However, there are always mistakes that gym owners make and these mistakes could ruin their business.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that gym owners make:

1. Not Having A Gym For Ordinary People

This might sound logical to many, but sometimes a gym is set up for those people, who are already fit, or the gym focuses on one type of workout. In order to increase membership, every gym should have options available to a wide range of people.

2. Owners Spend Too Much Time Training

Owners love to train other people, on how to be fit. That’s why they opened the gym. The only problem with this is if the owner is spending most of their time training people, who is actually spending time growing the business? The owner will not have time for the marketing that is necessary for a new business. They need to post on social media, update websites, contact the media and write newsletters and all of these things take time.

3. Having Poor Time Management

Every business owner needs to be able to account for their time at work. They need to know how much time they need to spend on marketing, training and interacting with employees and spending time with clients. Owners also need to know when they should be delegating tasks to someone else. While delegating might not be possible when the business first opens, it will become easier as the business grows and there are more employees.

4. Not Training Staff Appropriately

If an owner has not properly trained their staff, then the gym will ultimately fail. The staff need to be aware of all of the rules of the business, dress appropriately and be professional with all of the clients. They also need to know what their job responsibilities are and how they should be performed.

5. Spending Time Focusing On New Members And Not The Current Members

Often owners will be so focused on growing the business and getting new members, that they will forget about the loyal members they already have. Make opportunities for members to get together socially and give them a reason to stay at the gym. Create a special newsletter for current members, so that they are reminded of why they joined to begin with.

6. Not Having A Manual Of The Operation

Every employee at the gym can learn quite a bit from an operation manual. This manual will be able to help anyone learn how to function in every area of the business. It is a way to easily train new employees, of what needs to be done and will assist other employees if they need to help with part of a job that they do not normally do.

7. Combining Marketing And Sales

When an owner combines marketing and sales together, they are not getting the full picture when it comes to the results. For example, if the owner sends out promotional material and doesn’t get any new members from this, they might think that the materials were not a success. However, if the gym received any phone calls or people touring the gym, then yes, the marketing was successful, but the sales portion needs some work. The sales people were not able to successfully get the people to join the gym.

8. Choosing The Wrong Location

Every business owner should know, that the location of the business is often the key to the success of the business. If the gym is located in a rundown part of town, or far away from everything, then chances are that people will not want to join. Many people dislike working out to begin with, and if they have to be inconvenienced to get to the gym, they will not be members for long.

9. Not Listening To Others

A gym owner will often want to do everything their way. They do not want to listen to others in the business and this could be a problem. The fitness world is always changing and the best way to stay current, is by listening to what others are doing successfully.

10. Forgetting Why They Started The Gym

Sometimes gym owners will forget why they opened the gym in the first place. If they do not keep their “why” in place, they will not be able to share their complete vision and goals with others. If they opened the gym to help others, they will want to share that with their members.

By avoiding these mistakes, most gym owners should be able to run a successful businesses. They will be able to do their dream job and help many people live healthier lives.

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