The Top 10 Best Marketing Strategies For Gym Owners

09, Apr, 16

Gym owners need to implement marketing strategies, in order to increase their membership and have more people aware of what they offer. There are many marketing strategies available and each owner needs to find the strategies that will work best for them and their gym.

Here are the best ones that we have found:

1. Utilize Facebook’s Advertising

Facebook offers all businesses the option of paying to boost their posts. All the owners need to do, is click on Ads Manager, boost the posts and then select, which post they want to use. It is usually better to create a new post, that has an offer, that people will want to take advantage of. For a gym, this might be a free one, or two week membership, for anyone who has never been a member before. You can select the age of the people, that you want them to see this advertisement and you will only pay, if someone clicks on the ad. You will also be able to select which zip / post codes can see the ads, so you are reaching the areas that are closest to your gym.

2. Multiple Social Media Sites

Facebook is only one of the many social media sites that people use on a daily basis. Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, YouTube and Instagram are others. It is best, if you have an account on all of the social media platforms, so that you can reach as many people as possible. 

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are good, because others are able to like the posts and share them with their friends and family members. You will reach a lot of people that you normally wouldn’t using these platforms. LinkedIn is a great networking tool and you will find that you can connect with other professionals.

Periscope is a new app, that is available and it is gaining in popularity. Periscope offers a gym 'how to' videos, for example how to use a piece of fitness equipment or streaming a new class and sharing this information with their followers. The followers are able to interact if they are following the post when it is live.

3. Have Quality Blog Posts

Every gym needs to have a website and the best way to have people visiting the website on a regular basis, is to post regular blog posts. These posts can be about anything that is related to your gym. You can write about the classes, equipment, personal trainers or new and upcoming information for members. These blog posts should be published on a schedule, so that your members know to look for them on certain days.

Once you have updated your website with a blog post, you should make sure that the posts are linked to your other social media links. By linking the blog posts to other platforms, you are allowing more people to see them, which can help increase your membership.

4. Have Members Write Reviews

Part of the success of the gym will come from current members, sharing how wonderful it is. See, if any of your current members would be willing to write a review on Facebook, Yelp or Google+. It will not only help, since others will see the reviews, but it will also increase your ranking for local searches that are done.

5. Set Up Online Information Correctly

As a gym owner, you have been busy running the gym and setting up the marketing. If you were trying to get things set up quickly, then a mistake or two may have been made. It is a good idea, to go over all of your online information and make sure that it is all correct. Make sure, that the name, address, phone number and website are all listed on all marketing sites.

Now, is also the time to see if you can get a few local citations on other websites and list your business on all local directories.

All of this information will help your gym be at the top of the search engine when people are researching for a gym.

6. Market To Local Businesses

Gyms have a unique opportunity, when it comes to marketing to local businesses. Every business wants their employees to be healthy, because it can enhance their work performance.

Offer local businesses an opportunity to send their employees in for a fitness assessment, or a trial membership. You will have one contact person at the business and they will share the information with all of the other employees. The employees will feel like their company is promoting your facility and they will want to take advantage of that.

7. Market To Realtors

A great way to continue to find new members, is to work with local real estate agents. They know the new people moving into the area and they might be able to assist you, by referring the new local residents to your gym.

8. Utilise An Email List

Whenever someone signs up as a member of your gym, or visits your website, you need to try to get their email. This will allow you to send them information on new classes, new equipment, employees, specials or any other news, that might be of interest. These emails should be sent out on a schedule, just like blog posts. Many people do not like to receive too many emails, so a bi-weekly or monthly email might be best.

9. Post Inspirational Messages

Posting inspirational messages on your website and social media platforms, is an easy way to get more viewers. These messages and pictures are the ones, that are shared quite often, so the conversation rate for your gym should be high.

10. Post On Forums

Forums are a great way to show people, how knowledgeable you are as a gym owner. You can answer questions, that people have and include a link to your website at the end. This, will allow people to visit your website and see what else you have to offer.

No matter, what marketing strategies you decide to use, you need to make sure, that you are being authentic. You will always want to use real photos of your gym and include actual members if possible.

Some of these marketing strategies can be time consuming at first, but once you get into a routine, it will be easy to do them quickly. Many of the blog posts can be written in advance and scheduled, so you will be able to do them, when it is convenient for you. As for the rest, schedule it into your daily planner, so that you do not forget. These strategies are necessary in order to improve your membership and grow your business.

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