Commercial Gym Cleaning Schedule. Train Hard, Clean Hard!

04, Jun, 17

First Impressions Count! We have compiled a list od cleaning schedule to help commercial gym owners and managers implement a good cleaning schedule and maintain a clean gym. Cleanliness is essential to customers first impressions- appearance, smell, organisation, and most importantly - SAFETY.

We believe having a clean gym represents what fitness enthusiasts are trying to achieve, customers come to you to improve themselves and to feel good, this cannot be achieved in a dirty environment! Below is a cleaning schedule to implement at your gym to maintain a clean and fresh environment for your members. This is just a guide, staff need to adopt a 'clean as you go' attitude whilst working!

NON-GYM AREAS Be proud of your work environment!: Daily after 9 p.m. (around closing time) or before 9 a.m (around opening time).

  • Toilet Cubicles. Clean toilet bowls/urinals using toilet brush
  • Clean entire outside of toilet/urinals including base
  • Clean cubicle doors inside & outside
  • Clean sinks including base underneath
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean walls
  • Empty rubbish including sanitary napkin bins; replace rubbish bags
  • Hoover Carpeted areas
  • Sweep tile/laminate floors and wash
  • Refill paper towel and soap dispensers/clean outside and around dispenser
  • Refill toilet paper; place two rolls of toilet paper on back of toilet
  • Clean water dispensers and staff food/drink prep areas and hoover/sweep/wash floors accordingly.
  • Clean work stations (desks etc) in staff & management offices to maximise efficiency!

PUBLIC AREAS. First Impressions Count!

  • Clean Windows/Glass & Surrounding Areas/ Front door inside and outside including metal frames and make sure external signs/promotional displays are clean, up to date and where they should be. Tatty, out of date promotional material will not encourage new customers!
  • Behind blinds/ window sills etc.
  • ALL mirrors!
  • Clean Vending machines
  • Dust TV monitors, they are a focal point!
  • Inside of windows including frames; may need to use window cleaner pole for windows and frames above stairs etc!
  • Inside and outside of communal workout rooms/ areas including mirrors!
  • Any Trophy cases/ display cabinets! Be proud of achievements by presenting them well!
  • Coat racks and Locker areas, cleaning inside too! Customers do not want other people’s sweat on their bags!
  • Safety signs throughout entire building
  • Hoover/sweep/wash waiting areas including under chairs, stairs etc.
  • Clean children’s area if applicable including toys etc. People need to feel comfortable leaving their children to get the most out of their training!
  • Viewing areas; pull chairs/benches out from walls to hoover etc.
  • Straighten chairs and pictures
  • Empty all trash cans including in gym; replace liners
  • Double check that all outlets have safety plugs
  • Keep any utility rooms clean and organized


MAIN GYM AREAS: Daily after 9 p.m. (around closing time) and before 2 p.m. (around lunch time before evening rush)

  • Clean fitness equipment when not in use! Sanitise seats, control pads, hand and foot rests and frames!
  • Hoover all carpets and mats under bars w/chalk
  • Empty rubbish
  • Wash mirrors
  • Organize mats under bars and beams
  • Make sure all blocks are stacked in designated areas
  • Make sure all equipment is organised in designated areas, i.e., weights, jump ropes, carpet squares, etc.

SUNDAY DEEP CLEAN! After 6 p.m. (around closing time)

  • Wash AND disinfect mats and blocks in both gyms and children’s area.
  • Hoover edges/corners, metal base of wall beams, chalk on bases of bars, chalk mat under/around chalk tray, under beam mat tabs, under chalk eaters etc.
  • Hoover cob webs throughout gym
  • Clean stairs and staircase walls/rails
  • Clean chalk eaters; change filter if necessary
  • Clean pads on wall beams
  • Disinfect CONTACT AREAS (areas where equipment comes into contact with the body!) equipment seats and handles, weights, kettle bells etc.


Did we miss anything? Please let us know. ;)

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