Funny Notes Left At The Gym

30, Dec, 16

We came across some funny notes left at the gym and related to fitness, we wanted to share with you. Sometimes we have to take a passive aggressive approach to get the ball rolling.

All of the notes are original and direct quotation.

"Know you can wipe off the machine when you're done. (No really, you can.)"
- Golds Gym

"These reminders don't seem helpful. We'll stop them so they don't bother you."
- MyFitnessPal

"This wall is not considered a weight rack! Put the weights back on the actual weight rack located 1ft away :)"
- GG Management

"Wow! You're strong!" Now show your real strength by taking the weights off the equipment & putting them away"
- Unknown

"If you can't stack your weights back, let us know & we will have one of the girls stack the weights back for you!!"
 - Unknown

"To whomever keeps pissing all over the floor: Please stand closer to the urinal to compensate for your small penis."
- Someone tired of stepping in your piss

"Affairs at Method Fitness. My wife Lisette XXX the XXX in the Black Porche Panamera
, has been a client for over 6 years of Chris XXX, who has been providing sexual and emotional affair to my wife the XXX 5 days a week at 5 pm.

If you want your wife to have an affair, send her to his Gym and he will have sex with her. I am happy to get rid of this XXX, who opened her legs to this primate.

He convinced her to lie the affair to her husband and continues having sex with him.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me" - Richard XXX, the lucky husband who got rid of a XXX wife

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