What A Gym Owner Needs To Know To Hire The Best Personal Trainer

16, Mar, 16

Every gym owner knows that they need to employ personal trainers at their facility. These personal trainers can help every member get fit. The member may just be starting out with a training program, or the member may be looking to enhance their fitness routine or train for something specific. The best personal trainers will be able to work with anyone, no matter their age or limitations.

However, many gyms might not know how to hire the best personal trainer for their gym....


A personal trainer needs to have a degree in physical education, or a health related field as well as any necessary certifications for specific programs, they will be using during their training sessions. A personal trainer does not need to be physically fit to the point where they look like a bodybuilder, but they should at least work out a few times a week. They also need to be able to motivate others, so that their clients will want to improve their fitness levels. Through this motivation process, they need to closely listen to their clients, in order to make adjustments to the fitness program. Strong customer service skills are necessary, so that they can maintain a relationship with their client at all times.


Most gyms find, that it is worthwhile to hire a personal trainer with as many certifications as possible. This way, the personal trainer will be capable of assisting any need of the members of the gym. Without the certifications, the trainer would be limited with how many people they could help and the gym could potentially lose members because of this.


When a gym owner finds a personal trainer that they believe meets their specifications, they should then start the interview process. Unless, the personal trainer has every certification available, the gym owner should ask if they would be willing to be certified in certain areas, like special population and inclusive personal training. If the personal trainer is willing to continue the certification process, in order to expand their knowledge, then the gym owner will know they have the potential to be an exceptional personal trainer.

Anything Else

At the end of the interview process, the gym owner should ask the personal trainer to show them their different training styles. If it is possible, have the personal trainer role play with a member of the gym. Many gym owners will feel comfortable asking a member if they are willing to help out with the interview process. After all, it would be nice to know how a personal trainer will interact with an actual member of the gym.


The gym owner will need to confirm all of the personal trainer’s certifications and qualifications, before they are hired. The last thing that a gym owner wants is a high turnaround when it comes to employing personal trainer staff. The members will always notice, if this happens and they will begin to wonder why. Members feel more comfortable, if they are able to continuously have the assistance of the same trainers.


Once all of the certifications are confirmed, the gym owner will want to call any personal and professional references for the personal trainer. This is a great way for the gym owner to hear feedback on the trainer’s past experiences. The gym owner can even ask questions about how the trainer is different from one session to another. This will allow the gym owner to really know how the personal trainer is performing at all times.


Depending on the gym, the personal trainers may, or may not need their own liability insurance policy. If the gym is hiring the trainer as an employee, then this will be covered by the gym. If the personal trainer is being hired as an independent contractor, then the gym owner will need to find out if the trainer has liability insurance. This insurance is non-negotiable and needs to be current at all times.


After a personal trainer is hired, the gym owner should make sure, that they are given all of the pertinent information for the gym. This will include the gym’s vision, mission statement and motto as well as policies and procedures. The new personal trainer should be able to follow another personal trainer for a few hours or days, so that they can learn more about the facility and their coworkers and members. A gym owner needs to remember, that the more training that is given, the more successful the new personal trainer will be.


Every good personal trainer will want to continue learning more, so that they can hone their skills and improve their training techniques. Gym owners should allow their trainers the opportunities to do this, because it will mean that the trainers will be more of an asset to the gym and the members. There are always changes and new ideas and concepts being implemented, and the personal trainers should be aware of them as quickly as possible.

Gym owners know, that having the best personal trainers will make their members happy. When the members are happy, they will continue to go to the gym and they will also tell others about their experience. This will be good for the personal trainer and the gym as a whole.

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