How To Tell If A Gym Is Bad

30, Sep, 16

If the employees at a gym are not friendly and courteous, then there is a greater chance that the gym is not very good. Every gym should be hiring quality employees who greet every member personally with a smile. These employees should also encourage all of the members at all times so that the members want to return to the gym for the long term. Excellent customer service is the most important aspect of any gym.

People go to a gym to work out and get fit, so it is very important that people choose their gym carefully. Certain gyms are better than others and no one should have to work out at a gym that is bad.

Lazy Personal Trainers

Personal trainers should be just as friendly as all of the other employees at the gym. Gyms that are not that great will often have poor trainers. The best way to know if the trainers are any good at a gym is to see how often people are utilising their services. The best trainers will always be in demand and people will always see them working with clients at any hour at the gym. The trainers who excel at their jobs will even be seen circulating through the gym and helping people if they have some down time in between clients.

Smelly And Dirty

Gyms that smell and are dirty are not hygienic and do not appeal to new clients. All gyms need to be cleaned throughout the day as well as have a deep cleaning at night. There should be rules at every gym that includes members cleaning the equipment after they use it so that there is not a buildup of sweat and dirt. There should never be piles of dirty towels lying around either. All towels should be in hampers that are emptied frequently so that there is no musty smell throughout the gym.

Old, Outdated And Broken Equipment

A gym that always has broken equipment or equipment that looks like it is twenty years old is not the gym where people want to go. All of the equipment at gyms should be in excellent working order. Gym owners should constantly be replacing old and worn out equipment with newer models so that the members can continue working out without the possibility of becoming injured from damaged equipment.

Same Price Of The Membership

Every member should be paying the same amount for their gym membership unless of course there is a special promotion being offered for new members. A gym that charges different amounts for each member may actually have financial difficulties, which is never a good sign. Plus, members often discuss how much they are paying for the services, so if this is happening, the owners should be prepared for some backlash.

Lack Of Knowledge And Training In Fitness

As a person is touring a new gym, they should be wary if the employee they are with does not know that much about fitness. Every employee at the gym should be well versed in fitness and what is necessary for people to do in order to achieve their goals. The employees giving the tours should actually be able to answer any question that a potential member may have, including how the gym can help them reach their fitness goals. All of their answers should be given for each individual instead of a general answer that could be used for anyone.

Equal Rules For Everyone Or No Rules At All

The gym owner and every employee should always enforce the policies at the gym. If there is a rule that people should not be talking on their cell phone while in the workout area, then everyone should abide by this rule. This should also apply to time limits on equipment, putting the weights away and cleaning the equipment. There should not be certain members that receive special treatment and not have to follow the rules that everyone else does. 

Most of the time it is easy to see if a gym is good or bad however there are times when it can be difficult to tell. If possible, potential members should visit a gym on multiple occasions on different days and times. This way they can see if there are any issues that were not noticeable during their first visit.

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