Top 12 Reasons Why People Change Gyms

11, Dec, 16

There are many reasons why a person may change their gym, but a person needs to seriously consider making this change. The last thing that a person wants to do is change gyms and find out that their new gym is much worse than their old one. The most common reasons for people changing gyms are bad location or relocation, the membership price is not competitive, broken fitness equipment, lack of fitness equipment, size, too busy, unclean, lack of professionalism, customers fitness needs exceed the gym's provision, opening times are not convenient, no classes or not enough of them, loyalty is undervalued or unfriendly staff...

People love going to the gym to workout and have fun at the same time. This can be accomplished by working out on equipment alone or attending classes with other people and working out as a group. However, there may come a time when a person questions whether or not their current gym is the best one for them.

1. Location

One of the main reasons that a person changes gyms is the gym's location. A person may move to a new house or a new job, and their old gym is not as close as it used to be. They may discover that there is a different gym much closer that offers the same things that their old gym did. Convenience is a major factor when it comes to a person choosing a gym.

2. Membership Price

Other times, money is a factor for people who want to switch gyms. A person may have another gym within their area that has everything the same except price. It might be more beneficial for the person to change gyms and save money every month, especially if they can still use the same equipment and attend the same type of fitness classes. Although price is not always the best competitive advantage, especially for privately owned commercial gyms. Many people are willing to pay more for something they can't get elsewhere.

3. Broken Fitness Equipment

If a gym has a lot of broken fitness equipment that isn't fixed or replaced in a timely fashion, this is a reason for many members switching to another gym. No one should ever have to work out in a gym with substandard equipment or equipment that is not safe.

4. Lack of Fitness Equipment/ A Good Range

The same could be said about gyms that only have equipment that is for everyday use or specialist use. Anyone who is serious about working out or is just beginning will not be happy staying with a gym that only has the most basic equipment or only has intermediate to advanced equipment. Nowadays we see new gyms popping up in new locations which increase competition which is good for the client. Some customers prefer to workout at home, but some equipment is too expensive to get for home use or there is simply not enough space for it. Unique equipment could help to differentiate and attract new clients as well as keeping current clients happy. For example, people often find it challenging and annoying to find small dumbells to warm up or just for general training. It is always good to have extra small dumbbells for everyone use.

5. Lack of Space

Gyms should have plenty of space for all of their members, if people feel uncomfortable through lack of space,  they might want to look into switching gyms. Too many members in a gym at a time means that the owner either needs to expand or prepare to lose members.

6. Too Busy

A small gym could be as bad as a busy gym. People do not like to wait for the equipment to use it. The busiest time is before and after work. Some gyms encourage people to come off-peak time by giving discounted membership plans.

7. Dirty Gym

To clean toilets and changing rooms once or twice a day is simply not enough in a busy gym. No matter what sort of gym it is, it must be clean at all times. The worst thing of all is to realised there are no toilet tissues...A frequent gym patrol is very useful for clients as all fitness equipment is clean and in place and it is easy to find. People are more likely to put it back after using if their see that someone is always patrolling. A tidy gym is excellent for health and safety too. Customers appreciate seeing clean gym floor at all times, not just before closing.

8. No Classes or Lack of classes

Most of the time people will want to join some classes and to try new things, so customers are engaged and enjoying time at the gym. Just to have classes is not enough. People must know about it, and an announcement during a busy time, an email newsletter and post on social media is a great way to inform customers about it. People will appreciate if there will be asked personally what classes would their like to see. Even Zumba or Crossfit should be in consideration unless it is very specialised gym such as a hard-core bodybuilding gym.

9. Your Loyalty Is Not Valued

People like to get their money's worth when subscribing to a product. Some people might be paying £40 a month and working out at the same gym for a year or two. Most of the gyms will run promotions during January or another busy season to attract "new year, new me" or a similar crowd, not including loyal customers. Existing customers come to realise that they are not included in promotions and that they are paying more than the newbies they're suddenly surrounded by! Promotions are good but must be set in a smart way to ensure loyal customers are not feeling left out and don't decide to take another gym up on their special offer!

10. Too Strong

If you are the strongest, fastest, most flexible or in the best in any other category in a gym and you are a competitive person, most likely you feel like want to change gyms. It is always good to have a motivation from others and keep pushing body forwards to the limits.

11. Opening Times

In the last few years, 24/7 gyms became a big advantage for busy working individuals, night shifters or people who like to go and exercise in unsociable hours. If the current gym does not offer early opening and late closing hours for the person described above, new 24/7 gyms open in the area will be a much better choice for many clients. If the only time they can workout is at night, a customer will switch to another gym. Most 24/7 gyms don't even have night people working at the gym. The only thing needed is an electronic key (fob) system to prevent random people entering. Of course, it has some down sides such as people bringing their friends at times and other things, so close monitoring is very advisable for this sort of gym.

12. Staff Are Unfriendly

Employees at gyms need to be friendly, courteous and helpful at all times. Each member should be greeted cheerfully and personally at every visit. The trainers should be willing to push each member towards their goals accordingly and know each member by name. As friendly as the employees need to be, the other members at the gym need to be encouraged to be friendly too. There is nothing worse than a person being a member at a gym where many of the other members are rude or annoying. Gym owners or the manager needs to make sure that all of their members are being treated respectfully at all times. Anyone who is not treated properly by other members will want to look into switching gyms immediately so that they can have a better workout experience.

Everyone who joins a gym needs to make sure that they choose a gym where they feel the most comfortable. If there becomes a time when the atmosphere is unfriendly due to staff or clients the gym manager or owner needs to make changes or loose customers. Clients should not feel guilty about going to a new gym where they can successfully work out.

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