Sticking to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions (4 Tips)

14, Jan, 17

Many make New Year’s fitness resolutions with unwavering determination to see them through until the end of the year or until they reach their goals. While they usually start they year strong, they end up slowly slipping on their resolve to stick to their resolutions. The number one resolution at 24.7% was "Lose Weight / Healthier Eating" shown on a  2017 survey. In second place was "Life / Self Improvements" at 12.3%. Only 9.2% of people felt they had been successful in achieving their resolution previously. Make this year count with this 4 useful tips.

There are many reasons why it is so difficult to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly that will soon start unravelling your aims. Make this year’s resolutions different for you by making sure that you stick to them and sustain your motivation to reach your goal.
It is not impossible to be fit and healthy. You do not even need fitness equipment to achieve this goal. Here are some useful tips to help you stay motivated throughout the year:

1. Commit to a healthy lifestyle

Following a healthy lifestyle will put you in the proper mind set to achieve your aims. If you commit to this, you will soon realise that being fit and healthy gives you a new outlook and a better life in general. You will have more energy to do things, and your body becomes better equip to fight infection making your time more productive. It will be so much easier to stick to your fitness resolution if you can integrate them to your lifestyle. You will make a habit of making healthier choices in your daily life without even realising it.

You also need to keep yourself disciplined throughout your journey. There will be a lot of hindrances and temptations along the way that you have to overcome and endure. Things like late night parties, drinking, smoking, and binge eating must be kept in check. These are simple things that can easily sway you away from your goals so you must stay away from them.

2. Stay away from starvation diets

If you want to go on a diet and stick to it, then you must avoid starvation diets. You are going to despise every single moment of your diet this way which will then make it easier to revert to your old habits. You are more likely to eat more because you will basically always have an empty stomach. Besides, it’s unhealthy to deprive your body of essential sustenance.

Instead of doing that, you can go the easier and more fun route. You can eat healthier meals that are divided into right portions. Avoid eating junk food as snacks. Opt for fruits and vegetable sticks instead. Sodas and artificial fruit juices are bad choices because of their sugar content too. You are better off drinking a lot of water. Doing this will ensure that your body has enough nutrients to take on your daily activities plus your workout regime. Proper nutrients from healthy food will also help in your body’s rejuvenation process after a gruelling physical activity.

3. Choose fitness activities that are fun for you

Dieting can only take you so far. Physical activities will ensure that your body stays strong and toned while you are losing weight. There are a lot of choices if you want to get your heart pumping and burn that excess fat. However, you must choose activities that you will more likely enjoy than dread.

For instance, you can play a sport that you enjoy and love. In addition to that, you can make changes in your daily life to become more active. Try and take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk your dog regularly, or even choose to do chores like mowing the lawn yourself instead of hiring people to do it. It is important to keep your body moving to keep it fit and healthy.

4. Do not be too hard on yourself

Remember that your fitness resolution is something that you want to do to become a better person. It must never feel like you are punishing yourself. You have committed to this resolution because you want to feel and live better.

Slip ups will happen, and it is alright. Forgive yourself and move forward. Remember your mistakes, learn from them, and eventually you will reach your goal. If you have to start over, then so be it. It does not matter how many times you have to try as long as you are improving every time you do so.

If you always think about your failures along the way, you will eventually get burned out and give up altogether. Always remember to look at the brighter side of things and keep your eyes on the prize.

New Year’s fitness resolutions are made as a way to improve yourself and not make life difficult for you. Just like any other goals that you have set yourself, you have to make sure that your resolutions are realistic and attainable within the time frame that you set. To succeed in your resolutions, you have to truly want to be a better person. Once you have set your mind towards your goal, you can have fun every step of the way.

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