The Reasons Why Many Gyms Fail

16, Oct, 16

All gym owners would love to be so successful that they wouldn’t have any worries about, but the truth is that some gym owners never find the success that they are looking for. Some gyms will fail within 5 years of opening and others will fail long before that.

Bad Location

One of the biggest reasons why a gym fails is that it is not in a convenient location. A space with very low rent is not going to help if the majority of the members have to drive a half hour to get there or the building is not visible to anyone who drives by. People want convenience more than anything and quite often a person may decide to join a gym because they noticed it on their way home from work.


Plan For Expenses

Gyms are very expensive to open and run, mainly because of all of the equipment that is necessary for a gym. Some of the fitness equipment that is needed in a gym are  treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles, weight machines and free weights. It is not an option for gyms to just have one treadmill and one elliptical machine. Most of the time, gyms will need to have at least two of each piece of fitness equipment. Every gym owner needs to have a large amount of money so that they can buy all of their equipment and have enough employees at the same time and most gym owners do not plan accordingly.


Lack Of Short And Long Term Planning

Gym owners need to have a business plan that focuses on short term and long term goals for the business, as well as the equipment, employees and other financial emergencies that may occur. It is also a good idea to plan on promotions in order to get people to join the gym. However, once the people join, the gym will have to continue to find ways to keep them coming back.


Failing To Provide An Excellent Experience Every Time

The best way that a gym owner can keep the members coming back is to continuously have excellent customer service, keep the gym clean and make sure that the equipment works at all times. If any part of the gym is looking worn or outdated or the equipment is not in working order, then the owner needs to make repairs or purchase a replacement. No one will want to go to a gym where everything is not in excellent condition and this is why some gyms will fail.


Weak Marketing Strategy

While promotions and word of mouth are excellent marketing techniques, if a gym does not have a website or social media page, then they will lose out on potential business. A lot of people who are looking for a new gym will often go to the internet to do some research and they cannot find information on a gym with no website.


Lack Of Supervision

Gym owners are quite often busy with the business side of the gym and they often do not concentrate enough on supervising their employees. Once they realise their mistake, it may be too late to save the business. If a gym owner cannot supervise, then they need to hire a manager to take over this position. Of course, the manager needs to do the job properly or the business will still suffer. The manager is the person who needs to make sure that the staff are encouraging all of the members to return with excellent service and friendliness.



Sometimes gym owners do not worry about their business competition as much as they should. Every other gym in the area could potentially “steal” business at any time and it could be a very simple promotion. Gym owners that do not realise this will lose business quickly and they will not be able to recover in time before the business goes under.


Expanding Too Quick

Gyms that try to expand too quickly may also fail quickly. It may seem wonderful to have fantastic growth in memberships, months or years sooner than planned, but a gym owner should not expand with each membership growth. Each expansion will mean that it will cost more every month to run the gym and if the growth happens to stop or a lot of members leave, then the owner will not be able to continue to pay the additional money every month.

Gyms are just like any other business and the potential for failure is quite high. Every gym owner needs to have a specific plan so that they can have a chance at succeeding in a very difficult business.

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