Health Study Finds Weight Training Reduces Risk Of Early Death By 46%!

28, May, 17

According to a recent study from Penn State College of Medicine, it counts for more that we all thought! Whilst many people focus on cardio and weights to shed pounds and build muscle, this study reveals that lifting weights as you age reduces your risk of premature death by 46%!

The study looked at people 65 and older and tracked their exercise routines for 15 years. Only 10 percent of the participants took part in strength training, but those who did showed the best health fitness results and were the least likely to die during the study. Specifically, those who did weight training were 41% less likely to suffer from a cardio related death and 19% less likely to die from cancer.

Regular exercise programs have for many years been associated with prevention of many serious health problems, particularly cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. This study really highlights the value of weight training as it’s now not only linked to benefits of strength, muscle mass, and physical function, as well as to improvements in chronic conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, lower back pain, and obesity, but also directly to lower the risk of premature death.

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